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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cell Line Requests

Last updated: Jan 24th, 2018

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    Questions Regarding the MTA and Other Forms

  1. Do I need to provide an MTA if I am only requesting one or two cell lines?
  2. What is the "COG Specimen Transfer Agreement" and where can I find it?
  3. Do you accept electronic signatures on the MTA?
  4. My institution requires some extra documentation before they will sign the MTA. Who can I contact about this?
  5. Do you accept changes to the MTA?
  6. Can we send you a copy of the signed PDF of the MTA or do you need the original?
  7. Does an "Institution Authorized Representative" still need to sign the MTA if the Principal Investigator/Laboratory Director is already also signing the document?
  8. What is the purpose of Attachment A in the MTA and is it required?
  9. Online Cell Request Form Questions

  10. How do I request a cell line?
  11. How will I know that my request was submitted correctly?
  12. I received an error message after I clicked "Submit". What should I do?
  13. Why didn't I receive an email confirmation of my request?
  14. What kind of information should I provide in my justification letter?
  15. Shipping or Requesting Questions

  16. What is the cost of obtaining your cell lines and/or shipping them?
  17. What shipping couriers can I use?
  18. My submission was successful but I have not received a response, nor have I received the cell lines I requested.
  19. Do you ship cell lines internationally or just in the US?
  20. How often can I request cell lines from you?
  21. Are your cell lines available to commercial entities?
  22. Cell Line Questions

  23. I would like more specific information about some of your cell lines, where can I find this?
  24. I am planning on publishing the research that I have performed using some of your cell lines. How should I reference them?
  25. We are having problems growing/culturing the cell lines you sent us. What can we do?
  26. I am looking for a particular cell line which I believe is in your repository but I cannot find it on your website. Can you help?
  27. Are your cells tested for biological contaminants? If so, are the test results documented?
  28. Our cell lines were contaminated/we have some other issues with the cell lines we received. Can you send us some more?
  29. STR and Mycoplasma Testing and Submissions

  30. How do I submit samples for testing?
  31. How should samples be prepared?
  32. What samples are accepted?
  33. What is the cost per sample?
  34. What payment types are accepted?
  35. How often can samples be submitted?
  36. Are international submissions accepted?

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