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Requesting Cell-lines

Download Material Transfer Agreements

Open Distribution List MTAs

Investigators may request up to 10 cell lines (cumulative overall requests) with minimal project descriptions (to be briefly outlined in Attachment A of the MTA).

More cell lines will require a more extensive project description/ justification or a collaboration.

Some previously published cell lines, with originating investigator approval, will be characterized by the Childhood Cancer Repository laboratories and made available through this website and utilize COG MTA.

1. Select the cell line(s) by clicking each check box next to the cell line name.
2. Fill out the institutional or commercial/industry information at the bottom of the page.
3. Attach a fully signed MTA (including Attachment A)
4. Attach any additional documents required for your request (i.e. a justification for any request over 5 cell lines total)
5. Click Submit.

For all questions regarding requests and MTAs, please visit our FAQ page.

To view a complete cell line description (origin, growth conditions, pictures, etc.), click on the cell line name to open a pdf data sheet to view and/or download.

Cell lines ending in “h” are established and grown in 5% O2.
Cells ending in “h2” are established and grown in 2% O2.
Cells established and grown in serum-free neurobasal media will end with “nb”. PDXs, ending in an “x”, are patient direct and have never been in vitro.Xenografts ending in “m” are established from a cell line.

Open Distribution List MTAs PDFs

After completing and signing the MTA, upload it as a PDF file when prompted on our online cell request form or fax it to 806- 743-2691. Files MUST be in PDF format. File size may not exceed 2 megabytes.

To request cell lines that are not currently on the Open Distribution List or questions about the Childhood Cancer Repository contact us here.