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Neuroblastoma Cell Lines Established at Diagnosis (pretherapy)

RequestCell LinePhase of Therapy Sample TypeMYCN*ALKTMMTp53p53pO2  
LA-N-5Dxbone marrowAR1275QTERT +    
NB-1643Dx AR1275QTERT +    
SMS-KANDxsolid tumorAWT  F  
SMS-KCNDxsolid tumorAR1275QTERT + F  
SMS-MSNDxbone marrow       
SMS-SANDxbone marrowAF1174LTERT + F  
CHLA-14Dx A TERT +    
CHLA-15DxtumorNR1275QTERT + F  
CHLA-16Dxpleural fluidNR1275QTERT +    
CHLA-27Dxbone marrowAF1174L     
CHLA-29Dxbone marrowAWTTERT +    
CHLA-30DxtumorA TERT +    
CHLA-35Dxbone marrow       
CHLA-42Dxbone marrowNR1275QTERT + F  
CHLA-43Dxbone marrow WT     
CHLA-44Dxbone marrow  TERT +    
CHLA-54Dx A      
CHLA-78Dxbone marrow       
CHLA-83Dxbone marrow       
CHLA-101Dxbone marrow       
CHLA-105Dxbone marrow       
CHLA-122Dxbone marrowAWTTERT + F  
CHLA-123Dxperipheral bloodA      
CHLA-126Dxbone marrow       
CHLA-138Dxbone marrow       
CHLA-142Dxbone marrow       
CHLA-144Dxbone marrowAWTTERT +    
COG-N-261Dxtumor34WTTERT +    
COG-N-263Dxtumor48WTTERT +    
COG-N-265Dxtumor123WTTERT +    
COG-N-272Dxsolid tumor       
COG-N-276Dxbone marrowAWTTERT +    
COG-N-278Dxsolid tumor26WTTERT +    
COG-N-282Dxsolid tumorA TERT +    
COG-N-283Dxsolid tumor88 TERT +    
COG-N-290Dxsolid tumor  TERT +    
COG-N-293Dxsolid tumor56WTTERT +    
COG-N-294Dxsolid tumor42R1275QTERT + NF  
COG-N-295Dxsolid tumor2F1174LTERT +    
COG-N-296Dxbone marrowA      
COG-N-297Dxsolid tumor24WTTERT +    
COG-N-298Dxsolid tumor11R1275QTERT +    
COG-N-299Dxsolid tumor193WTTERT +    
COG-N-302Dxsolid tumor       
COG-N-303Dxsolid tumorAWTTERT +    
COG-N-305Dxsolid tumorAWTTERT +    
COG-N-312Dxbone marrow62 TERT +    
COG-N-316Dxbone marrow2 TERT +    
COG-N-322Dxsolid tumor323WTTERT +    
COG-N-324Dxbone marrow61WTTERT +    
COG-N-328hDxtumor130WTTERT +    
COG-N-331Dxbone marrow85WTTERT +    
COG-N-333Dxbone marrow144F1174LTERT +    
COG-N-347Dxbone marrow248WTTERT +    
COG-N-349Dxbone marrow90WTTERT +   
COG-N-353Dxbone marrow38WTTERT +   
COG-N-35Dxbone marrow66 TERT +   
COG-N-367Dxbone marrow22R1275QTERT +   
COG-N-373Dxbone marrow78WTTERT +    
COG-N-442hDxleft bone marrow2WTEST    
COG-N-445Dxbone marrow117WTTERT +  
COG-N-462hDxright bone marrowAWTTERT +    
COG-N-463h2Dxleft bone marrow277WTTERT +   
COG-N-474Dxbone marrow338F1174LTERT +    
COG-N-480h2Dxright bone marrow42WTTERT +    
COG-N-485hDxbone marrow36 TERT +   
COG-N-490hDxbone marrowAWTTERT +   
COG-N-491hDxperipheral blood370WTTERT +    
COG-N-496Dxbone marrow74WT   
COG-N-497Dxbone marrow40 TERT +  
COG-N-500Dxbone marrowN TERT +   
COG-N-503hDxbone marrowN      
COG-N-504Dxbone marrowN     
COG-N-509hnbDxbone marrow2 EST    
COG-N-518Dxbone marrow4 EST NF
COG-N-521Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-522hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-523hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-524hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-527hDxbone marrow      
COG-N-531hDxbone marrowA      
COG-N-532Dxbone marrowN    
COG-N-540Dxbone marrowN TERT +  
COG-N-542hDxbone marrowA      
COG-N-543hDxbone marrowA     
COG-N-544Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-546hDxbone marrowA     
COG-N-548Dxbone marrowN    
COG-N-550hDxbone marrowA     
COG-N-552hDXbone marrowA     
COG-N-554Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-555hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-556Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-557Dxbone marrowAF1245LTERT +  
COG-N-562hnbDxtumorN EST  
COG-N-563Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-569hnbDxbone marrow  ALTWT   
COG-N-571Dxbone marrowN     
COG-N-572hDxbone marrowN      
COG-N-573Dxbone marrowAWTTERT +  
COG-N-574Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-575Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-581hDxbone marrowA     
COG-N-582hDxbone marrowA     
COG-N-585Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-586Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-587hDxbone marrowN    
COG-N-590DxtumorAWTTERT +  
COG-N-591Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-592Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-597hDxbone marrowN     
COG-N-598h2Dxbone marrowN     
COG-N-600Dxbone marrowA    
COG-N-601h2Dxbone marrowA     
COG-N-602Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-603DxtumorAWTTERT +  
COG-N-614Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-616hDxbone marrowN      
COG-N-617hDxbone marrow      
COG-N-626hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-628Dxbone marrowAWT   
COG-N-629Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-635hDxbone marrow      
COG-N-637Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-638hDxbone marrow      
COG-N-639hDxbone marrow      
COG-N-640hDxbone marrow      
COG-N-646Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-647Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-651h2Dxbone marrowN TERT +    
COG-N-652h2Dxbone marrowN       
COG-N-654hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-662hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-663h2Dxbone marrow       
COG-N-667hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-671hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-675 Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-679Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-682/td>Dxbone marrow  TERT +  
COG-N-683Dxbone marrow     
COG-N-696hDxbone marrow       
COG-N-700Dxtumor  ALT  
COG-N-701Dxbone marrow      

1 - Phase of therapy for the patient at the time the specimen used to derive the cell line was obtained
Dx (Diagnosis): cell lines derived from samples of patients prior to treatment
PD (Progressive Disease): cell lines derived from samples of patients who relapsed after chemotherapy
PD-BMT: cell lines derived from samples of patients who relapsed after chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation
PD-PM: cell lines derived from samples of post-mortem patients who relapsed after chemotherapy

2 -MYCN oncogene amplification
N: MYCN Non-Amplified
A: MYCN Amplified

3 - TP53 gene function
F: Functional
N: Non-Functional

4 - EWS/FLI1 Status
FLI1: friend leukemia insertion - chromosome 11, t(11;22)
ERG: ets-related gene - chromosome 21, t(21;22)

ALK mutation

WT: Wild Type

TMM:Telomere Maintenance mechanism

✓ = Available/available upon request

SQ- subcutaneous injection

TV- intravenous (tail vein)

EST- ever shorter telomeres, i.e. telomerase and ALT negative

TERT+- telomerase positive

ALT - alternate lengthening of telomeres, C-circle positive